Newborn Nursery at LPCH

Circumcision -- Gomco Technique

The Gomco clamp is one of several devices currently used for neonatal circumcision. Invented around 1935 by Dr. Hiram Yeller, an obstetrician, and Mr. Aaron Goldstein, an inventor, it has been in continuous use for more than 70 years. (The clamp gets its name from the company that originally manufactured it, the Goldstein Manufacturing Company.)*

*Wan, Julian. "GOMCO Circumcision Clamp: An Enduring and Unexpected Success", Urology. Volume 59, Issue 5, May 2002, Pages 790-794.

photo by Janelle Aby, MD

At present, the Gomco clamp is the most commonly used circumcision device in our nursery. It has the advantages of a steel bell which protects the glans penis during the procedure and the absence of a foreign body remaining at the site afterwards.

To view a video clip of a circumcision being done with this device, please use the link below.



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