Newborn Nursery at LPCH

Information for Parents

    Not infrequently, as a health care provider, you will be asked for written information that further explains (or provides a reminder of) the information you have already given regarding the baby.

The links provided below are provided either by LPCH or by another trusted source.  As always, preview the information for accuracy before providing it for the family.


Discharge Instructions (English) / LPCH

Discharge Instructions (Spanish) / LPCH


Newborn Head Molding (English) / NIH Newborn Head Molding (Spanish) / NIH

Jaundice (English) / NIH Jaundice (Spanish) / NIH

Hearing Development Checklist / NIDCD

Clavicle Fracture (English) / NIH Clavicle Fracture (Spanish) / NIH


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